Skin's Disease


Dermatitis or eczema is a medical term for the deviation of the skin where the skin appears red and irritation. Keradangan this can happen anywhere but is most often affected are the hands and feet. Type of eczema that is most often found atopik eczema or dermatitis atopik. Akan eczema symptoms start to appear on the children especially when they are over the age of 2 years. In some cases, the eczema will disappear with increasing age, but not a few of them will be suffering from contemporary life. With the right treatment, this disease can be controlled with a good will reduce the number relapse


Comedo is the scientific name of which clog pore, can be open or
closed. A open Comedo is also known as blackhead, visible
such as pore and become a draw (which is black is not dirt; fact that plug pore is distorted colors krn teroksidasi in air). Comedo closed, or whitehead, have the skin grow over pore stopped therefore look white small like bulge under the skin. Komedo this type of pimple is caused by dead skin cells gland and overproduction of oil on the skin.

Athletes Foot

Athlete's foot is a disease caused by fungi, usually found between two toes. Fungus usually attacks the feet because shoes raise the temperature a warm, dark, and humid environment which encourages fungus to grow. Warm and humid in the area around the swimming pool, shower, and cold meat, is also a place to grow mushrooms. Because the infection is very common to be athletes often practice facility, the term ├Čathlete's foot├« become popular.

Not all of the conditions is a must athlete's foot. Other conditions such as interference sweat mechanism, reaction to the pigment or adhesive in shoes, eczema, and Psoriasis (a kind of chronic skin disease), also similar to athlete's foot.


Biduran / bidur / urtikaria interference in the form of skin redness The speck is higher than the surrounding skin surface, and does not clearly limit regularly, tingle. Biduran / urtikaria caused by allergy, are usually not dangerous. Biduran considered serious if the area or face a respiratory disturbance

Ring worm

Ringworm / scabies / Ringworm (tinea) is a fungus infection caused by several different fungi and bisanya grouped based on their location in the body.

Despite its name, ringworm infection is not related to the worm. The name arises because the ring-shaped patch of skin was created by these infections


Psoriasis is a chronic disease and kambuhan, marked by the benjolan scaly silvery color and the amount of plaque (The speck is prominent) that vary with the size.
Psoriasis most often found at the age of 15-35 years..


Selulitis is a spread of bacterial infections in skin and tissue under the skin.
Infection can spread quickly and can enter into the lymph vessel and blood flow. If this happens, infection can spread to the entire body.
Selulitis may be caused by many different types of bacteria, the most common is Streptococcus.
Staphylococcus can also cause selulitis, but are usually limited in a more narrow area.

Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a skin rash that causes itching, itching.
Most often found in children, but can strike regardless of age.
The body shape that often prickly heat is a torso and thigh.
The stoppage is in the pore-pore derived from sweat gland.
At the time of removing the body of a hot sweat, but because of the stoppage on hold in the sweat in the skin and cause a small terbentuknya benjolan red.


Skabies is a infestasi mite that causes beruntus-beruntuk small reddish and itchy feeling great.
Skabies caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei.
Infestasi mite is easily spread from person to person through physical contactand frequent attack of all in one house.

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