Reproduction's disease

What’s ISD ?

Infected sexual disease : disease which contagious by sex cause infection, barren and dead


We can prevent them and there are some thing which must we do. Those are:

· Prevent dangerous sex.

· Don’t do sex relation before married.

· Use condom for preventative.

· Keep the genital hygiene.


Indication of male easier to detected than female.

The Indication of male are:

1. A pimple contain liquid blister of penis.

2. An injury at penis.

3. There are penis itch.

4. Ill when urinary.

5. Smell suppuration urine.

The indication of female:

1. Painful when urinary.

2. Painful of downside of stomach.

3. Mucus in vagina.

4. Whiteness with foam, greenish, and small.

5. There are bloods after sex relation.

Kind of ISD :

1. Syphilis is caused by treponema pallidium. The indication is known about 2-6 weeks after copulation.
  • Primer :one injury, bulge and not painful.
  • Secondary :red pimple of body
  • Tersier :heart and skin disease.

2. Herpes Genital is caused by herpes simplex virus. The indication is known about 4-7 days after copulation. The indication is knon about 4-7 days after copulation.

- Moisture pimple like small garapes and very painful.

- It'll break and be dry injury.

The indication can play up if there are stress, menstruation and alcohol.

3. Trichomoniasis is caused by trichomona vaginalis. The indication :

- A watery liquid in vagina greenish yellow, foam, and putrid.

-Around of genital is swollen and itch also reddish.

- Chafed of genital.
- Born of baby is premature.
- Easy the contagious of HIV.

4.Gonorrhea Is caused by neisseria gonorrhea.
The indication known 2-10 days after copulation.
- There are yellow thick liquid

-Painful in down side of stomach.

-Can rise without indication.

- infection of pelvis
- Sterilization
- Eye Infection of baby

5. Ukus Mole (cancroids) Is caused by homophillus deureyi.
The Indication:
- Injury more than one and that diameter about 2cm sunken of edge.

The complication:
- Dead of zygote of pregnant mother.
- Easy the contagious of HIV.

6.Chlamydia Is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis.
The Indication:
- -Liquid of vagina is yellowish white.
- -Painful of cavity pelvis

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